Blind Assistor


In this project I designed and prototyped an electronic device to provide an effective feedback loop for a user, indicating the distance between their hand and an object infront.

A simple feedback loop was created by combining an untrasonic sensor, used to measure the distance to an object, with a vibration motor, used to inform the user how far an object is through the intenisty of the motor's vibration.

An initial build was created on a test bed, this allowed me to assess the performance of the system and easily modify it before building a prototype.

An Ardunio Uno was used for programming an ATtiny85 microcontroller. The controller handled the logic for the system, providing a way to automatically turn on and off the vibration motor at a specific distance (< 3 metres). I also implemented an intensity curve, which increased the intensity of the device's vibration based on how close the device was to an object.

The final design was ergonomic and the feedback loop was worked well. This prototype could be improved upon by making the device smaller by moving the circuitry to an etched circuit board.


Prototype test bed
Prototype test bed
Device usage diagram
Device usage diagram

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