• Emerging technologies
  • Electronics prototyping
  • Computer vision

Technical Summary

  • Programming: MATLAB, C/C++, Python, Java, PHP, etc.
  • Libraries: Point Cloud Library(C++), LEMON(C++), OpenCV(C++/Python), PIL(Python), Pygame(Python)
  • Development Tools: Eclipse(Java only), Netbeans, IDLE, Visual Studio, Xcode, Sublime Text

Education & Qualifications

2013-2016 Cardiff University, South Glamorgan, Wales.
BSc Computer Science First Class Honours.
2006-2013 Licensed Victuallers' School (LVS), Ascot, Berkshire.
A-Levels Computing B, ICT A, Statistics B (& AS-Level Economics C).
GCSEs Studied 9 subjects, including Maths and English attaining B to C grades.