FTS Quiz


This was a small project in which I developed a portable electronic platform for holding quizzes.

To ensure maximum portability I configured a Raspberry Pi to accept multiple connections via wifi to serve dynamic webpages from an internal web server.

A simple quiz web app that could ask text and multiple choice questions was developed in such a way that additional questions may easily be added. Robust fault tollerance measures and data recovery procedures were then implemented to handle client disconnections and server outages.

The quiz web app consists of three dynamic webpages: the client screen - the point of entry for teams to login and respond to questions, the admin screen - used to manage the quiz and mark answers, the overview screen - a view for a tertiary display (e.g. a projector) to be seen by all participants, providing an overview of the quiz.


Overview screen
Overview screen
Client screen
Client screen, multiple choice answer
Client screen
Client screen, text answer
Admin screen
Admin screen

Technologies Used

Raspberry Pi
Node JS
Sockets IO


None yet.